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Landed Estate Novel - Susanna signs over Point Pleasant Estate

Post 42
Excerpt. Susanna signs over Point Pleasant Estate to her son Stuart 

The morning is wet as it has been for most of the week. Edward Ryall has arrived an hour earlier, and after some light refreshments, Susanna leads him into the study and is joined by Stuart and Elizabeth. Sitting into her chair, she allows Edward to take charge. Her thoughts are relaxed which surprises her. The time has arrived to relinquish Point Pleasant. Keeping her eyes focused on her old friend, she watches him remove the file from his bag. It is the file that will change her future. 
“Stuart, here are the papers granting you full ownership and rights to Point Pleasant East, covering half of the Point Pleasant Estate extending to one thousand, six hundred and fifty-three acres,” Edward begins on clearing his throat. “This will include Point Pleasant House, out buildings and all labourer cottages on the specified acreage. The estate will include all current staff, stock and tillage in storage. You will be g…

Screenplay: Sector 2

Post 41
The pilot episode of Sector 2, a science fiction/fantasy screenplay which was written between 2001 and 2007, was published in February 2017. The full series consists of 30 episodes of fifty-minute duration. 

Planet Earth’s first encounter with an alien race was with the Carnarians, a peaceful telepathic race of humanoids who lived on a planet known as Osorus. Earth’s Military United Defence Agency (EMUD) and United Space Travellers of Earth Agency (USTE) formed an alliance with the Carnarian people, developing trade and human relations. Earth’s Space Agency grid mapped the space surrounding its galaxy encompassing the Carnarian homeworld of Osorus, naming it Sector 1. 
The new era that dawned for Earth was short-lived following the arrival of an aggressive race called the Mirons from an unknown destination who targeted and destroyed the majority of the Carnarian race, leading to a peace agreement being established between Earth and the Mirons. The agreement spared the inhabita…

Novel: The Portrait of Isabella Simmons

Post 40
I am reaching completion of my latest novel and I have not provided much information on it, only what I have mentioned on my website. It has been and still is, a labour love and October will see twelve months gone by since I first started it. The name is called “The Portrait of Isabella Simmons” and it revolves around two very different characters who find themselves in 1954 living in a house in the town of Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland
Readers will first be introduced to Johanna Cahill, born and raised on the hills of Connemara, west of Ireland until the age of sixteen years when she has to flee her home and on her way to Galway city finds employment at the Harrington Estate for the Belfort family. But circumstances see her escape and she eventually arrives in Galway prior to making her way to Dublin and is taken in by the Sisters of Mercy on Baggot Street. Opportunity has always favoured Johanna despite leaving a trail of bodies behind her and by 1954 she is living in luxur…

The Irish Celtic Church

History & Myth Collection  Post 39

Welcome to the third instalment of the History & Myth Series in which I hope to explore some of the vast regions of Irish mythology and history while entertaining you with stories of warriors, kings, queens and mythical creatures from a mysterious and ancient land that sits off the North Western edge of Europe. Ireland is a country steeped in myth and legends, and too often, the lines between the realms of the spiritual and the world of the living converge. The very nature of the climate adds to the mysteriousness of the country influenced heavily by the Atlantic air system often hiding parts of the country in heavy fog and mist as if ManannĂ¡n mac Lir, the Sea God himself was using his magic to hide Ireland under his spell of invisibility. 
Irish Mythology is complex with a vast amount of literature that by its contradictory nature only adds to the confusion providing a difficult task in researching. Irish myth is unusual in comparison…

Forest Dwellers - Flash Fiction

Post 35
Forest Dwellers
Copyright © 2016 Ben Kesp

The darkened grey rain clouds hang like a veil over the forest canopy. The illuminated path cuts through the oak and ash, created from the intruding grey light from the silver hue overhead. His silhouette appears, striking a figure into the visible light. His is not of this world. Oblivious to the barrage of rain drops falling hard and heavy, striking every patch of ground, he moves forward, determined and focused. His mission, no one is sure.

Through the darkness of the thick trees, eyes monitor his every movement. They watch this new stranger in their land. They fear the unknown, but curiosity drives them to watch, inquisitive of his purpose. He strides the forest path before them, eyes focused ahead. Upon reaching the end of his destination, he disappears as he appeared on the other side. This is his third appearance in the cycle of the sun. 
The wisest of the forest dwellers, a powerful sorceress, believes he is not a threat, but is…

Landed Estate Novel - Susanna and Katherine

Post 37

Susanna Westby and Katherine Villiers meet after 18 years.
Acknowledging with a nod, Susanna steps forward entering the path lined with blooming roses. Reaching the arch way, she descends the stone steps moving into a small walled garden radiating in a multitude of colours from an array of flowers and shrubs. She spies Katherine’s white hat to her right where she is seated on a bench. Gathering her thoughts, she is unsure how to approach her. Hatred and envy created a wedge between them when they were younger. Does it still exist? She is not sure anymore. It has been a long time. Distant memories flood to the forefront of her mind and yet they stir the thoughts of yesterday. Continuing on the path in front of her, she reaches the wooden bench standing a short distance away facing the thick ivy covered wall in front of her. 
“It has been many years since I was in this garden. My mother would sit for hours in here. She loved it,” Susanna begins gently picking off a red ro…