Revealing a Character

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Recently I have been reflecting on how characters can be revealed or introduced within a story and the truth is there are many ways in which this can happen. Of course, it will depend on how the writer wishes to introduce a character and the impact it will have on the scene, plot or story. 

I have put a short, but by no means an exhaustive list of suggestions of different ways a character can be revealed to the reader: 

1. With a physical description

2. Through dialogue - what will other characters say about or how they see that character 

3. With emotions - how the character will react to others or vice versa 

4. How will the character interact with his/her environment – what kind of environment/setting is it? 

5. By what the character says or how the character behaves in certain situations

6. A psychological description 

What are your ways or thoughts on revealing characters? 

Image: Onewildworld 

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