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The Author Programme specialises in providing practical knowledge and key skills necessary for candidates interested in pursuing the path of publishing any form of writing in addition to those willing to pursue a career as a writer or to learn and apply techniques of the writing process. The Author Programme contains three levels: 

Programme Levels: 

Level 1: The Writing Process
Level 2: Publishing Preparation
Level 3: Writing as a Business 

The programme is designed with the aim to assist authors/writers at all levels within the writing process, whether you are starting out, looking to publish or seeking to establish writing as a business. Many times I hear people ask the following questions:

· How do I get started?
· How do I write a novel or a screenplay?
· How do I publish – what are my options?
· What’s involved once my script is written to having it published?

These are just sample questions and all can be learned within the author programme including many more topics, all of which can be found here at the Author Programme. To complete each level of the programme, the candidate is assessed through project work, assignments and examinations. 

The classes are interactive, driven by topics, questions and exercises. Certification is issued on completion, assisting the candidate to be informed and trained to take the writing process from the beginning through to the publication stage and onwards to business planning, costing and strategic techniques. 

Candidates can enter which ever level of the programme is suitable for them and information on entry requirements can all be found here at the Author Programme. Candidates have the option of completing the programme online through live classes or in a classroom environment at partner institutes. 

Information can be found on the Ben Kesp Academy Homepage on: 

· What is learned at each level of the Author Programme
· Candidate benefits on completing the Author Programme 
· Fees and timetabling 
· Study Centres 

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